Setting Up Mizzou Student Email
Students will now have a single password to log in to University provided services. To reset your University Password please do the following:
  1. Go to the website: in your web browser.
  2. If you are new, or returning to the University and have not set up your Secure Authentication tool, please use the New User Setup option and follow the additional sub steps below. All returning users with completed Authentication set up, please, select the Forgot Password Tool and jump to step 3.

    2a. For New User Setup please enter your username. (letters/numbers before your e-mail address)
    2b. Select a delivery method (Voice for call SMS for text) to have a code sent to you. If you do not receive this code promptly, please try one of the additional methods available. If you continue to have issues receiving these codes please contact your local IT Tech Support.
    2c. Continue to fill in the required information. Please keep in mind the final security question is optional, but it is something that the Help Desk can use to verify your identity in the future. Click Update to submit.
    2d. You will be prompted for “Step 2” this will set your University Password. Please continue to Step 3 below to complete setting your password and log in to your Student Email.

  3. Enter your username (letters/numbers before your e-mail address)
  4. Select the delivery method for Secure Authentication code delivery

    4a. Enter the code

  5. Enter your New Password
  6. To log in to Student Email go to
  7. Select Student Email
  8. Enter:
  9. Enter your new University Password
  10. *Please Note* If you have not set up your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) through the University and Microsoft you will be prompted for more information.

    10a. You can find more information regarding the MFA here:
    MFA Information Website OR Follow these steps:

    i. If you have the Microsoft Authenticator App on your Smart Phone or Tablet you may proceed with the steps (or download the app), if not, you will need to click “I want to set up another method” at the bottom of the page, and this will allow you to use your mobile or landline phones to authenticate your account for each login.
    ii. Select Phone and enter your phone number without any (, -, or spaces
    iii. Select Text or Voice (voice will be a phone call to the number you have chosen) iv. Verify a phone call by hitting the # (pound key) or Enter the code received via text and proceed to your webmail.

For more information about using Microsoft 365, visit the Microsoft Help Center, or refer to the IT Knowledge Articles | IT Tech Support